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[English subtitles are available] [Crush] [Episode 3] Good morning, guys. Morning. Wu Yan, what is this? My dad asked someone to bring me these glutinous rice balls from our hometown. I'm sharing these with all of you. We can't keep them for too long. It's better if you cook and finish them tonight. Thank you. We're lucky. My dad made these himself. It's full of the flavour of happiness. You'll feel even happier after eating these. Please distribute these for me. Thanks. Mr Su, this box is for you. I'll put it here then. I don't want it. It was my fault for thinking like that previously. I'm sorry. You don't have to apologise. You didn't do me wrong. Why is it so hard to cheer him up? Teacher, sorry. I'm late. Xiao Ling? Teacher? Where is Xiao Wei? Mr Li, I can't find Xiao Wei. I'm afraid she has been left behind. Wu Yan, go check the classroom now. I told them before. If they can't find their classmates or teachers, just go back to the classroom.