ENG SUB《陈情令 The Untamed》EP37——主演:肖战、王一博、孟子义


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The Untamed Episode 37 Don't go there. Though there's no danger in it, the place is full of weirdness. We'd better behave ourselves when we're in other people's domain. I need someone to help me, Any volunteers? Senior Mo. I can. Then what do I do? You... Don't move until I tell you to. Got it? OK. Let's go. What's the smell! What are you doing here instead of thinking up ways to detoxify?! How did you know that I was going to call you over? I'm not here to help! Did somebody kill someone but forgot to bury?! Why is here so stinky? Young Mistress Jin, if you're coming with me, please lend me a hand. If you're not, then please go back, sit down and tell someone else to come over. You're calling who Young Mistress Jin? Be careful what you say! Well, I want to see what on earth you're trying to do. OK, then. Sizhui, go fetch me a bucket of water. To clean the kitchen hearth. Okay. What's the use of cleaning the hearth? You're not going to cook or anything.