Strong Wrists | Increase Your Wrist Strength & Flexibility


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Strong wrists are important for nearly any kind of strength training. No matter if you train with your body weight or free weights if your wrists can't deal with the pressure you'll not be able to max out your potential, and you'll injure yourself sooner or later. In this video we will show you complete wrist preparation routine. We will include exercises for the flexion and extension, and of course for the 2 abduction movements. Before we set our wrist under pressure we start with some circles to warm them up. After that we continue with pressing our wrists together. We do this with our palms and the back of our hands. Before we start the harder exercises we show you how you can adjust each exercise to your level. The secret is to adapt your wrists slowly and step by step to the pressure. Start each exercise on your knees with your hands close to your body. You can adjust the difficulty by increasing the distance from your hands to your knees. Later you can do each exercise even in a basic push-up position. The first exercises are for the wrist flexors.