Live Caption App, Unlimited Subscription Demo. April 7, 2018


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Hello I Ryan Flynn User Experience designer in New York City As you may know OCR Email and the typewriter were all originally invented to assist people with accessibility problems And then they became tools for everyone used everywhere across the globe I believe we have the next revolutionary technology right under our noses Voice recognition technology has become so good and so fast that the next step is to make it available in public settings helping people understand what is going on that may have hearing or language difficulties We have already taken a step towards this future with our app Live Caption Now those with hearing loss can speak with anyone face to face captioning the conversation to read the responses using only their smartphones What if every convention church or office had captions capturing everything that was said for reference and documentation This would break down barriers for millions around the world who can now communicate freely with their friends and colleagues despite ability or language We want to create tools that assist communication around the globe and we are amazed by the possibilities So thank you for your consideration of Live Caption