50 Things ONLY SMART PEOPLE KNOW in League of Legends! - Skill Capped


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welcome to the skill cap channel if you subscribed chances are you pretty smart this is the smart people channel where we all make big brain plays and climb elo fast if you new don worry in just 10 minutes we gonna dish out 50 iq for free if your iq is currently 50 we double that leaving you with 100 iq that some quick math no biggie let get straight into it with the 50 things only smart people know in league of legends starting with a bot lane award that is insanely easy put your mouse on the left side of the waterfall and click it doesn matter where you are your character will walk over and ward appropriately on the block don sit on the fountain waiting on gold for an item walk out to around here and wait until you need eight more gold distortion to the fountain buy and pour it back this tip is also excellent for champs like akali katarina and zed blue side top laners will love this ward first you want to lock your camera then walk to the plant above these two yellow dots see the crack place your ward