Java 8 Lambda Basics 1 - Introduction


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hello and welcome to this course titled Java 8 lambda basics this course covers an exciting addition to the Java programming language as a version heat which is lambdas lambdas is a new programming construct which lets you build Java applications in a completely different paradigm there is a kind of paradigm shift from the traditional object oriented programming that we are used to in Java 7 this is an introductory course which covers Java 8 lambdas this assumes no previous knowledge of lambdas are of any of the features in Java 8 this does assume that you are familiar with Java programming and you have coded using a previous version of Java it could be Java 6 for Java 7 you going to be focusing only on Java 8 in this course and specifically about the lambda features that were introduced from Java 8 so here a quick overview of what I plan to cover in this course and what you can hope to take away from it we gonna start this course by really looking at what lambdas are again like I said this is a new paradigm so we spend some time and understand what land has