McGregor vs Poirier Trilogy Fight | Coaches Notes & Keys To Victory


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hey guys today we looking at the trilogy mcgregor versus poirier number three we gonna go back to fight number one talk about what mcgregor did right look at fight number two talk about what poirier did correct and then look at fight number three the up and coming thing and talk about what each fighter should be doing to win what tactics will serve them best what strengths and weaknesses each fighter has we going to talk about a number of things in regards to this trilogy fight Music all right guys if you been around the channel for a while you know that generally i am not covering up and coming fights it not a priority of the channel but this is just such a big and upcoming fight that i wanted to take a few notes take some time share with you my thoughts on it and just have some fun on the discussion of this amazing matchup so let begin by looking back at the first fight and one of the very first things that we noticed that conor mcgregor does as soon as he comes up from the corner as he starts busting out hook