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Welcome to Metabolismo TV! your source for correct information on metabolism and health. Prepare for the shock of a vaccine! I am Frank Suárez, a specialist in obesity and metabolism. I want to talk to you about the impact that a vaccine can have on the nervous system, on your body, on your metabolism, on your health and also about the actions that you could take, to prepare for that impact, which is an attack on the nervous system, if you If you had to be vaccinated, the ideal scene would be that you don't have to be vaccinated, because vaccines have been prepared with aggressive agents whose intention is to provoke the immune system so that the body creates antibodies and in that way it can then defend itself from the disease but. .. they were like ... 7 different vaccines, now we are going for more than 40 ... so right now what there is is a whole campaign at the international level, to vaccinate the whole world ... there is persecution in the States United is even talking about preventing people who do not get vaccinated, even adults cannot use their passport and things like that .