What’s It Like Being A Canadian Kickboxer


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what up guys for everybody else who lives outside my country around the world today is canada day so happy canada day to all my fellow canadians now today got me thinking that you know what is it like being a kickboxer in canada i want to talk about that because i get so many people from other parts of the world as well that ask oh you know am i going to be able to be successful from this country living in this country is it diminishing my prospects of competing with glory bellator ufc 1fc any of those big promotions so they going to be interested in me because i from the wrong spot and that was something that i struggled with as a canadian i love this country nothing wrong with it absolutely great spot to live but as a kickboxer i was not taken seriously i remember the first time a guy from holland he came in to do a seminar and he basically said canadians can be successful at kickboxing because you guys don work hard enough you don have the grit the grind to really dig in and put in the effort and i