Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика (с русскими субтитрами)


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MOSFILM Artistic Association "Luch" Alexander DEMYANENKO as Shurik KIDNAPPING CAUCASIAN STYLE, OR SHURIK'S NEW ADVENTURES Also starring: Natalya VARLEY Vladimir ETUSH Frunzik MKRTCHYAN Ruslan AKHMETOV Yuri NIKULIN, Georgy VITSIN Yevgeny MORGUNOV With N. AVALIANI, N. GREBESHKOVA M. GLUZSKY, E. GELLER G. MILLYAR, D. MKRTCHYAN N. REPNINA, A. STROYEVA Written by Ya. KOSTYUKOVSKY, M. SLOBODSKOY, L. GAIDAI Directed by Leonid GAIDAI Director of Photography Konstantin BROVIN Production Designer Vladimir KAPLUNOVSKY Music by A. ZATSEPIN Sound by V. KRACHKOVSKY It was Shurik who told us this story. On one of his expeditions he collected the folklore and Iegends ofthe Iand... This story may, in fact, be only a Iegend, too, but Shurik insists it really did occur in one of mountainous regions. He didn't specify which region it was, because he wanted to be fair to all the other regions where such story might have happened. Go on! Where are you going? Damn it! What made me agree to drive this old asthmatic vacuum cleaner? Don't Iose hope! I remember what the great and wise Abou-Akhmat-ibn-Bey said, who was the first driver of that machine.