History of Interpretation


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hi everyone in this video we will explore the history of translation and interpretation how do people learn to translate between languages the origins of translation could be dated back to 3000 BC when ancient Egyptians had a hieroglyphic that signified interpreter the English word translation is derived from the Latin word trans Latia which means carrying a cross and by the way laDawn is a multi headed dragon and Greek mythology each head of the dragon can speak a different voice as the world becomes more interconnected people of different cultures start to meet more in this advance as translation techniques what does a language assistant like you if you pass our assessment do a language assistant converts a speech or text from the source language to target language if you are helping two or more parties who are not speaking the same language talk to each other you interpreting for them if you converting a written text from source language to target language you translating the text it very important that you retain the meaning form and tone of the original message when you interpret or translate it meaning form tone that it now let just focus on