The Coming Perfect Storm /John Paul Jackson, detailed prophecy overview, Jan 14, 2012


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gives him the authority that he carries in the spirit how many understand that there a whole lot more that goes behind the scenes of someone who walks with the Lord so this morning could you give brother John Paul Jackson a very warm warm loving New York welcome I was I was all set with a sermon then I got a text from Matt this morning asking me to talk about a certain subject before I do I need to I need to say something in honor of my father the night before I left I came here yesterday in the night before my father passed away and and so I come with a look a little heavy heart at the same time it wasn totally unexpected I mean he been growing more feeble over the over time he stayed with lived with us he and my mother lived with us for the last for about a year and a half or so and then and then my mother passed away in August and my father passed away so I fly back home this afternoon right after right after this morning meeting and we will bury him tomorrow morning