Destroyer- 2021 New Released Hindi Dubbed Official Movie with English Subtitles Bellamkonda Srinivas


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We have successfully completed prayers for his long life and to appease the five elements. Only naming ceremony is left. Guru, my son was born after a lot of prayers and rituals. He's the only male child in our family. He doesn't have to protect my wealth or increase it. But bless him that he should stand up for truth and justice. Amazing! This is a miracle! Usually, lines in your palm tell about your life. But his palms contain the destiny of some people's lives. Many might fight death with a weapon in hand. But death will be his weapon. Your son will conquer death. Raja sir! Raja sir! What happened, pandit? What can I say, raja sir? Munuswamy's brother Veera Swamy came to the temple and confiscated the holy cow and the title deed. A child should always be with its mother be it a cow or a human. Shame on you people! How many times do I have to tell you stop this business and to stop oppressing people? Will you never change? - Why should we? Cow is not about religion or belief.