Calisthenics = Aesthetics!


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by focusing on calisthenics you bound to get aesthetic physique this video will prove why first thing i mention is that bodyweight training is all about the basics whether you new or advanced doesn matter we all doing similar exercises push ups dips pull ups inverter rows maybe including some rings and little accessories to isolate some muscle groups point is the path is very clear cut you know exactly what needs to be done and what changes with experience is the volume repetitions and of course progressions but the basics always remain and that why you never spin your wheels whereas in the lifting community 90 are novices for life and one of the main reasons for that is due to all the confusion in the online fitness space so many programs a variety of different machines and even the free weighted stuff you be surprised what some creative trainers are recommending so what we end up with is a cluster of exercises many of which are either unproductive or simply get people away from what they should actually be focusing on so you often see novices following a five day body part split even though their squad is