5D Ascension Timeline, How Much Longer Do We have Left?


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people often ask me how much time do you think we have left before the 5d ascension completes the answer is not long it impossible to say for sure but with each passing day if you feeling through into the wider field the sense is it getting ever closer imminent arrival of the galactic super wave when i incarnated i saw dramatic visions of what the world is coming to within the shift the earth cleansed in a ball of fire dramatic 3d upheaval and souls emerging out into 5d now let me be clear i don especially believe in prophecy but most definitely a true visionary who reading the energy flow can see future landing now what do i mean consider that it been around 12 000 years since the last convergence of galactic solar and earth pole shift cycles we are far less than one percent away from that completion my sense is about 0 0 percent about 12 years before the proverbial shiznit really hits the fan in which case if you imagine someone taking a step their foot is almost already on the ground and that why if you really tuned into what actually taking place