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right baby maybe so singing out my name can bring me down everything going my way praise the yeah hallelujah can bring me down can bring me down is praise the lord hallelujah when the day is the day is praise the lord hallelujah Music shaky hands Music Music just Music is Music Music but it feels you brought me back to life Music just Music will you be waiting see you guys you can save me Music no response still thinking of us can we make up it so hard to forget all the bad things that went on between you know we were us Music Music Music who knew Music Music remember it was Music back to you ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome to the stage karissa kuchar welcome to the new world say it with me the new you challenge how are you feeling out there show me with your body i said how are you feeling out there do you challenge Applause Music what up everyone you guys today is a big day today my friends we are beginning a full out fully immersive five days of training with none other than the titan