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some people have frequently asked me this it been popularized what you said in Colombia that Japanese are not any smarter than Colombians but they are only more disciplined that Colombians are very talented but they lack discipline but how do we manage to become well disciplined it can t be done overnight because discipline is just the result of three factors organization cleanliness and punctuality organization because Japanese are always baptizing places they never lose the keys because they have a designated place for the keys always is baptizing the Japanese have a designated place for shoes as well for socks a place for the white shirts the whole house is baptized and he gets angry when items go missing from their corresponding place because they says that s the designated place baptizing places and optimizing the times with the location of items the discipline is the result of that organization that also must be added to cleanliness cleaning is eliminating things Japanese are always to eliminate things always and everyday a lot of things because he doesn t have a broad territory like we do Japan is so small much smaller than Colombia about three times smaller than