Preparing For What Is To Come


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and these times of which we live what is the most eminent thing believers must now be warning or preparing and equipping others to do for what is coming preparation spiritually physically mentally emotionally what do we need to do in times like these but what do we do I think it easy to say well you need to tell everybody but in the real the reality is everybody isn going to believe you number two baby most of us don know enough to explain explain how it going to happen and why it going to happen to gain some credibility I think overall I would say this though most people may believe most people are really unaware of the seriousness of the perfect storm what I call what the Lord called told me to say the perfect storm five different things religion economics politics war and geophysical events but here here the best thing you can do and this will then prepare you so we have to have an internal preparation before we can have the external preparation an internal preparation before an external preparation and so how do we prepare ourselves internally you say well you need to