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g guys sean from smarter electrical solutions and welcome to 10 minute tech talks today is on the topic of block scenes and there a very good chance that if you watching this you one of my very very clients that i sent you here to watch these block scenes so that you can start to actually create some things within your own brand new system so the great benefit of a smart home is that once we install all the system in the background you can then do whatever you need to do with it to to automate the functions of your dreams your desires and to make your life more practical and easier to live so let start with block scenes so at the very top here if we go into scenes and click on here we have three different types of scenes so there is magic scenes there are block scenes and there are luau scenes so down the bottom here if we look at scenes on the left we just click on the plus symbol there and it adds a scene for us and this is how we start to create we get the three different