GRE vocabulary practice in an Aegean village


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hey everyone welcome back to walk and Music study Music today we be going over some very advanced english vocabulary this video is great for anyone studying for the gre toefl or ielts or anyone who wants to learn some very advanced english vocabulary as we work through these words we be walking through the coastal town of sargyk in izmir turkey all right let get started our first word is ostensible ostensible is an adjective and it means stated or appearing to be true but not necessarily true using ostensible in a sentence we could say the ostensible reason for his visit was to borrow a book but he secretly wanted to chat with his crush so the reason that he gave for his visit that appeared to be true was that he wanted to borrow a book but secretly the real reason he visited was to chat with the person he had a crush on the words supposed and apparent are two good synonyms for ostensible as well our next word is propitiate propitiate is a verb and it means to win or regain the favor of someone by doing something that pleases them propitiate in a sentence