FIBARO... the right Z-Wave devices for your Smart Home?


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hey guys it alex here from homie let take a look at some of the most popular z wave devices on the market right now naturally i talking about fibaro now the question i want to answer is are fibaro z wave products the right fit for your smart home fibaro is a polish company that started back in 2010 and they specialized in creating iot devices for smart homes and they got a good range of devices that fit a lot of homes we going to be looking at the door window sensor fibaro button the wall plug Music key fob fibaro multi sensor combining a motion sensor with a temperature sensor and light sensor and i also got fibaro thermostat valve so these devices are not quite plug and play out of the box as with most z wave devices you going to need to connect them to a controller or hub and of course i going to be using homie pro now omi pro comes with the added benefits of also having wi fi zigbee bluetooth 433 megahertz and even infrared as well as z wave all built into it meaning you can connect a wide range