5 Things That Make Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson So Good w/ Tips To Improve


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what up guys we back with my series where we look at the best fighters in the world i give you five things that they are exceptional at with training tips so you can become a little bit more like them in the gym and today we are talking about steven wonder boy thompson i had so many requests to cover him obviously he is super exceptional because he does so many things differently by implementing his karate background and this is something that i can break down for you explain in detail because before i won all the world titles behind me i was a karate practitioner i have a fourth degree black belt and although it been years and years since i competed in point fighting that kind of style where you bounce around and flick things it still something that i spent over a decade doing so i can break down his style for you in depth today we are talking about steven wonderboy thompson Music all right guys today we looking at one of the most unique one of the most interesting styles in the ufc not many people have a karate background in transition to