How To Learn Programming for BEGINNERS! (2019/2020)


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what up guys this is crack ho to welcome back to a brand new video in this video I gonna show you guys on how to learn programming for absolutely free now before we start this video there are some things you guys should know about this first and foremost you don need any experience or knowledge to learn programming whatsoever so you can be a complete novice and not know any sort of code or anything about computers that doesn matter in this case you guys can learn for free and easily the second thing is you don need to pay a single cent for this and it will always be free there are those services where you sit down on the computer and you learning something and then you notice like a week later the trial ended and then you have to pay that not gonna happen again this is completely free so you don have to worry about that so with that being said why should you learn to code or to program it simple when you guys are not programming you can become a web developer and later on a full stack developer so you could