Setting up Badgr in a Canvas course


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hi Kim Hammond from the Badger team here to show you how to set up badger in your canvas course to award badges automatically as students complete modules as you might already know badger is a free platform that can provide everything you need to implement a badging program this includes the ability to create a ward collect and share open badges now that your canvas admin has installed the Badger LTI let get started using it in courses when using badger in canvas it important to sign into canvas with a teacher role the teacher role is important because teachers can access all course materials and grades and sometimes these badge awards are tied to quizzes or assignments teachers are also able to trigger the badge Awards in the course within the course you can assign one default issuer you can award badges as students complete modules so you can have as many badges as modules or you can simply award one course completion badge to avoid the badges you of course need to establish module requirements the first time you access badger in your course or the badges menu from your course you will be asked to select