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This video is sponsored by NordVPN I always wanted to get into Indian cinema And I assume a lot of you do too Famous for glamorous productions Entertaining dance sequences And some of the most glorious mustaches ever seen on Earth It is fascinating and intimidating Not least because of all the untranslated titles I mean come on And with so many separate industries Combined to make the biggest film producing nation in the world The water is way deep So I asked for you our viewers for movie recommendations And got absolutely flooded I spent the past week watching as many Indian films as possible And I here to give you my first impressions Specifically about the three biggest film industries in India Hindi cinema of Bollywood Tamil cinema of Kollywood Telugu cinema of Tollywood And tell you which films I think you should watch Bear in mind I a total amateur when it comes to the cinema of India So what I saying are almost purely my anecdotal experience With minimal research With that out of the way Let begin our journey Through the colorful world of Indian cinema Cinema of India My First Impression Chapter One To