Create an Alarm Scene with Fibaro Home Center 3


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Music so hey guys and welcome to another video presentation um this one going to be about the system now before we get started i just like to say thank you to everybody who been subscribing who liking my videos um grateful for all the donations and that what keeps everything going properly so please don forget to like subscribe share and if you found these videos useful and helpful then please feel free to make a donation keeps everything going and hopefully then i can start bringing you more videos with more new items um so now let get down to business so what we gonna do is we going to talk about the fibarola there was a request a while back where i just been a little bit busy with work so uh now that i got a couple of days off i thought i get this video done um in the downtime so the fibaro alarm on this one is a bit better than uh what we had in the von center too and what we can do is we can create it very easy to create to be honest it all made in block scenes using