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Hey hey people - Sseth here. StarSector©™ is an open-world space strategy game about selling heroin and illegally harvested kidneys on the black market. Making money off misery, disruption, and political unrest, and ambushing trade convoys in deep space... just to watch a planet descend into chaos. I've been playing this game on and off for years now. It's amazing. Yet I don't hear many people talk about it. StarSector is a massive project done entirely by four people and it's had updates for about nine years now. Each one getting closer to their dream goal of simulating a living, breathing galaxy. Story! Okay, nobody gives a shit. So I'm gonna be quick: Right, so in StarSector™, humanity figured out faster than light travel. We colonized thousands of worlds spanning hundreds of galaxies using the relays from Mass Effect, which were the only practical way of crossing galaxies. They *were* the only practical way until suddenly (nobody knows exactly why) all the gate systems went dead. We could no longer reach the rest of humanity. This event is referred to as "The Collapse" and marks the end of the prosperous Domain Era.