Salary Negotiation: 7 Tips On How To Negotiate A Higher Salary


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(knocking) (bell ringing) - Come on in! (upbeat music) Salary Negotiation, phew. You did it, you've just landed your dream job after so many phone calls, hundreds of resumes submitted, dozens of interviews and finally, you got the job. And now you need to negotiate your salary. Maybe you are a little bit scared, little bit afraid, little bit intimidated. Or maybe you've been with the company for some time now for a few years, and now you want to go in and talk to your employer about a higher pay, a higher salary. What do you do? You see most of the information out there is sharing with you how do you negotiate salary, is coming from an employer perspective. Today I'm going to do something very different. I'm going to share with you coming from a CEO perspective how do you negotiate salary? How do you talk to a CEO, how do you convince a CEO? How do you read their mind? You see, the problem with most employees is, they either ask for a salary increase too soon meaning they have not established a track record, a performance record, what they have done, too early.