Five Things To Do When You Are Falsely Accused Of A Sex Crime


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hi mark so tawa principal attorney it a towel law and today video vlog or video blog is on the topic of the five things to do if facing a false allegation of sexual assault sexual assault is is terrible for victims it a life changing experience something that they may struggle with for the rest of your of their life but as multiple stories including for example to do cross case has taught us it is equally terrible to be falsely accused of this crime the consequences are severe and immediate frequently loss of reputation loss of standing in the community you could lose your job you may not be allowed to go to your your children school again the whispers in the neighborhood behind your back these and many things are going to be swirling through your mind when you first get that news that you being accused of something like this so the question becomes what do you do well here are the five most important things to do when facing such a situation first and foremost very simple rule and how often do lawyers do that right very simple rule rule shut up keep your mouth