What is waiting for us before the coming of Mashiach? Current events clash with biblical prophecies


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so after a very long break hashem uh i much better now and able to go back to teaching i know many people were asking inquiring and wanting to know why there no classes going online and i sorry and i apologize that i don put publicly my medical records uh but since rosh hashanah wasn so well and uh took some time to get much better it wasn as bad as two years ago but uh bad enough so i couldn really function on daily basis and teach and and i know a lot of people ask and there are a lot of people are bothered why are we not getting updates because you not my doctor and you don need to get updates of my medical situation as it is it hard to be a public figure and to have everybody in your business it a little bit of intrusive and i try to keep things as much as i can private to myself which is hard as it is everybody knows every cough i make everybody knows about it so hashem i fine hashem decides when you are a commission and when you able to to to