BEWARE of These Five Temptations of Being a YouTuber


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hey god bless you my friend this is sister sharon and today i want to give you a warning a beware of the temptations of being a youtuber i going to give you five things to take a look at because friends let face it there are many uh youtubers um every type of facet of life billions and billions of videos believe it or not friends it that many videos on youtube and we that are sincere about our lord and savior jesus christ and we believe that the spirit of god has placed us in these platforms we want to be faithful to the call of god and the purpose that he may place you on this platform um friends i been on the channel for si or the platform of youtube since 2016 and many of you know my testimony it was definitely against my will i had no dealings with social media whatsoever and the spirit of god had led me to a church that was extremely corrupt it was it was so moving the experience for me that i had to get it out and and god had already troubled my heart for months to