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Music hey folks I excited to present a new episode of my podcast nightmare tonight tonight I joined by Alex the creator of a creepy web series called AI builds if you not familiar with AI builds I strongly recommend that you check it out prior to listening to this interview I promise you won be disappointed anyway enjoy the show Music hello and welcome to nightmare tonight tonight I have with me a very special guest Alex who is the creator of a web series a YouTube channel called AI builds Alex hello how it going I am doing great thanks for having me on the show thanks for coming on the show so if you just want to tell my listeners a little bit about yourself and your series well so I created a series about it now um so I am well my I used to be a singer songwriter that kind of was my deal growing up but then one day I was shown the shining and I was like I want to make that kind of stuff and Here I am well mission accomplished but yep thanks yeah 21 year old horror filmmaker guy that