How to Recognize a Toxic Relationship


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How to recognize a toxic relationship? That’s what I’m gonna be talking about today. I’m gonna give you 10 red flags to recognize and four ways to detox the relationship. I’m Doctor Tracey Marks, a psychiatrist, and this channel is about mental health education and self-improvement. I publish videos every week. So, if you don’t wanna miss one, click “Subscribe”. This information is not just for your relationship with your partner. It could be anyone with whom you’re close and who takes up space in your life. A boyfriend, sister, mother, and, since we all have faults, how can you tell when you need to accept someone’s flaws or when you’re overlooking a serious issue? People do change after all as they mature. So, it’s not completely unreasonable to think that someone can change their behavior. But there are some behaviors and attitudes that just don’t change much with time (at least not without professional help), because they're a part of the person’s personality. So, here are a list of some behaviors that I think you should NOT overlook or ignore and just think that they’ll go away with time.