Efficient Meetings - 7 Tips To Run an Effective Meeting


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Are you meeting all day and working all night? Stop this madness! Find out how you can run more effective and efficient meetings by watching this video. Hi my name is Adriana Girdler. I'm a Productivity Specialist, President of CornerStone Dynamics and MyVisual Vision.com. Today I'm going to share with you my top seven tips that I use all the time for running meetings, and why is this even something that you want to think about? Because I get called to run meetings all the time with top organizations and this is something which over and over again I find to be tried-and-true, never fails me and I always get complimented on it. So take note, get your pen and paper out, and let's start talking about how to run effective and efficient meetings. So why are we even looking at this, well back in 2012 salary.com did a survey, and they found that the number one time waster at work was ineffective meetings. They just wasted tons of time, and that went up from the number three spot in 2008, and I promise you it's not getting any better. More and more I see meetings are becoming more ineffective and less efficient and I really can't pinpoint why this is occurring.