Want To Save The Planet? Install Linux!


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one of the most common questions that i get asked is why do i run the linux operating system as opposed to proprietary operating systems like windows mac chrome os etc and the way i want to answer that today is as a longtime linux user one of the things that i most proud about is the fact that by me using linux i have really made a difference as far as helping the environment i have really made a difference simply by being a linux user when it comes to helping the environment helping save the environment many people don realize this but linux is actually considered an environmentally friendly operating system some people call it a green operating system and certainly it is in comparison to the proprietary operating systems like windows and mac using a free operating system like gnu slash linux it really reduces waste because there have been estimations that as far as the numbers of computers in the world there around 2 billion computers actively in use right now and by computers i talking about actual computers i not talking about mobile phones i not talking about all those smart devices out there those