Why Moses' Version of the Flood is the Most Reliable Ancient Account


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Music well it turns out that no one on the wall is describing an event that they actually saw and by the way either are the author of the akkadian version they not describing something they saw firsthand they all describing an event that occurred prior to them does that make sense so really the question isn about whether didn work to figure out this I gotta figure out which of these early versions should I trust that what this comes down to I know I had a murder in 1981 I know what had certain characteristics the question is which witness afterwards should I trust right same thing I know I got an early event I got three people describing it which one should I trust make sense what I want to do this morning is help you figure out which one to trust and we do it by looking at the scripture and asking ourselves is it right about other features other features that the author should not have known about because they couldn see those features either you know they couldn see this flood but they described it oh that not me guys I promise that not