9 PRO TIPS to STOMP the LOW ELO LANING PHASE - League of Legends Guide


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Hey everyone! Laning phase is the most important part of the game, and is the first step to climbing. If you want to climb consistently you need to be winning lane at least 90% of your games. And I hear players make the excuse that they get counterpicked in low elo so thats why they lose lane. Today Im going to show you exactly why counterpicks dont matter. Im going to be laning against yone, who is a champion who actually doesnt have counters becaue his laning is so insanely strong if he takes the right rune page. And Im going to be on Lux. A champion with a pretty weak lane phase who is countered hard by yone. On top of this, yone goes fleet with dorans shield, so his sustain will be crazy and I really should have no way of winning the lane. So, the first step to winning any matchup is understanding what both champions should be doing and how the lane is supposed to go. Lux is a control mage and Yone is an assassin bruiser hybrid because he has a lot of burst and sustain damage like yasuo or Irelia.