If You DON'T Want to Have Sex DON'T Get Married!!!!


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hey god bless you my friend and sister sharon and today the topic is if you do not want to have sex do not don get married friends there are so many people that are struggling privately with their marriage covenant because one of the spouses does not want to have sex now this could be from years of marriage this could be a marriage of a couple of years six months it could be a marriage of 30 40 years there are people who are very frustrated in their marriages because of this topic but i want to remind those of you on the channel that are married that you are obligated under those vowels of monogamy see marriage as a reminder is a vow to monogamy that you are giving your body exclusively to your wife or your husband this is why god takes marriage so serious because it is a lifelong covenant promise of monogamy it provides companionship it provides the safety when it comes to your physical body because you have exclusivity so if you begin to withhold your body from your spouse you would be in violation of the teaching that paul gave those in