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as you get better and better in league of legends you start grasping many of the large concepts that you may not have understood before causing big jumps in rank and lots of progress many people might envision the climb kind of like this with a uniform level of difficulty between each rank however it ends up being much more like this early on you feel like you making huge strides pushing from iron to bronze and bronze to silver doesn take the same amount of time it does to push from grandmaster to challenger once you get up there in ranks progress becomes a lot more difficult as you probably already know most of the main concepts and don really know what holding you back anymore there no longer any huge fixes to make and it really comes down to the absolute tiniest details that separate you from someone better in this guide we going to talk about what to do to get through those humps whether they start in silver or grand master in order to improve you have to understand what separates you from someone better again the higher up you go the harder this gets so