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you are marked and some of you will be told to leave everything you know in an instant speak daughter of zion speak the words i have put upon your heart with boldness and with courage for with great mercy i continue to warn and out of my great love you have entered a season unlike any other you have been marked those of you who walk with me are marked by me sealed protected and insured your home with me for eternity but your adversary also has marked you he watches and he plots he too has marked those who have given their obedience to me and surrendered all although your destiny will always be in me he has marked you for your destruction and will stop at nothing to see this come to fruition you have entered a time when you will be publicly interrogated questioned dragged from your homes affronted in every way there is a day rapidly approaching and already here when you will be publicly humiliated for my name sake everything will be stripped from you many of you will watch your loved ones killed before you all in an effort to attempt to make