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Hey hey, people! Sseth here! Today, I'll be covering a very niche, very infamous, and very AUTISTIC game, that everyone's asked me to cover since day one. A game where you, and many other real, living people with questionable social intelligence, roleplay together on the worst space station in the universe. Where aliens, shape-shifters and traitors working for rival corporations are the least of your concern. Where the greatest threat to your existence are your OWN crew members. Hungry? Come to the station canteen, where the food is DEFINITELY poisoned. Injured? Head on down to Medical, where half the medication has been relabeled as "Happy Pills" Discouraged? You can try taking a pain killer instead. But it wasn't a pain killer... was LSD. Having a bad trip? Don't worry, there's a Security officer nearby to help! But he can't respond. Because he was murdered and replaced by a genetically modified monkey wearing his uniform. Hallucinating? Keep calm and focus on what's real. Unfortunately for you, the super-massive black hole expanding towards you is NOT a hallucination. It is, in fact, VERY real.