Kidnapped (1978) Part 3


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Music Applause Music but my father and mother dead eyed sought out my uncle Ebenezer and the house of Shaw Akram and he tricked me into claiming a certain stairway Music Music Music Music by good fortune I escaped injury no we were on the way to see a lawyer about my inheritance there she lies the Covenant that not a bad state is she comes in she just come back from America what was she doing there killing 20 pounder what what cool the government goes to skip back ten pound of Eid for tithing to Carolina Virginie then he gets another temp out at the other end to sum to the slave market I stunned a yapping boy uncle where are we going I told you I have business with tough season he be inside business is it I the captain gets himself mixed up in some strange tries one wine another and what way that be chilling now wouldn he ah Leonora you can stand a glass of rum sir you too young for rum more wine you ever seen give my glass of ale landlord and one for myself Jason semi sale in any way yes