[Eng Sub] เพราะเราคู่กัน 2gether The Series | EP.1 [1/4]


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Have you ever wondered why many things are in pairs? Like friends or… lovers. Especially when you find the right one to pair with, you will do whatever it takes to be with that person Of all my chic life, I have paired up with many girls Of all my chic life, I have paired up with many girls Ging, let’s go see a movie when you’re done. I have an extra Math class after this. Tomorrow then? Tomorrow then? I have Biology tomorrow Day after tomorrow? Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, Science, English, and then Math again. Say lychee! I look fat. Let’s do it again Cherry! Cherry. Are you done? Let’s eat. Wait! Let’s take another selfie. Selfie? Strawberry! Should we call for a check? I lost appetite! What do you want to eat, babe? What do you want, Noomnim? Anything. Ice-cream? It makes you fat. A honey toast? Too sweet. A pudding? Bingsoo? Choux cream? Yuck! Too boring. What do you want then, Noomnim? Anything. Are you mad at me, Namwan? NO! That was a big fat no. Whatever I did wrong, I am sorry.