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Music all right this one is from soul token what is our greatest power to defeat the elites what is their greatest weakness so at the end of the day i think that we need a two fold system i think that we have to go i mean okay we have laws on the books that would put bill gates in jail people like anthony fauci in jail um various different you know probably most of the people that go to davos or bilderberg in jail we already have a system where these people are already doing things that are illegal what happening is we not following through and it is corrupt to the core i not going to dance around that anymore i actually think that something that we need to do is to stop dancing around this and just you know say it for what it is okay it extremely corrupt and so we have to use the system that we have and try to hold the system that we have accountable and to start to cut off some of the heads of the hydra if people have committed a crime we need to hold them accountable for