Daneliya Tuleshova - Diamonds (Sam Smith Cover) REACTION


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Music Music yo what happening fable squid right man denia to the shover man she dropping contents man diamond sam smith cover and i love sam smith um i can remember the song because i don listen to sam smith often but i sure the moment she starts singing it i know what the song is right this is one of my favorite female vocalists as you know like angelina jordan this is one of my favorite the nina tiloshovo also absolutely mind blowing female vocalist and she still a young man she still young this is for me the future right none of this mass produced uh sort of like mainstream put in a mall top artist this is the real deal right so if you new to this channel i going to show you what the real deal is when it comes to female vocals right so daniela to the show diamonds as you know it great to form but man does she ever fail no she doesn right let see what we got let go Music Applause wait a second i don know the song and like sam smith is one of my wife favorite artists and