[C-Real] HAPPY SERIM DAY (세림아 네가 있어서 행복해) l CRAVITY (크래비티)


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[At the accommodation] -We are -at the accommodation now. Today is SERIM's birthday. No, not today, soon. [March 2, 2021 11:14 pm, 46 minutes before his birthday] It's 11:14. -We had too much cake. -right. [Cheeseball cake ordered by the bithday person] SERIM asked me to get teh Cheeseball cake. Today is [Birthday concept] the birthday party. [Shows up] -I'm here. -What are you doing? -SERIM. -What? Happy birthday in a few minutes. Not yet. [A new way of congratulate birthdays] -I don't know, I didn't hear it. -Happy birthday in 45 minutes. -So we are going to make a cheeseball cake. -Cheeseball? That' what you wanted. Right. We will put them up. We will be back when we get the cheeseballs. Bye~ [The cheeseballs are here] It's here! The cheeseballs are here. The delivery person is on the lobby, so we will get it soon. Okay. There is a song I listen to these days. Do you want to listen? No. You really don't know this song? It's disappointing. It's here! I don't want to listen to it.