The O'Malley Beatdown | What Moutinho Should Have Done Differently


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what up guys today we doing an overview of sean o versus chris moutinho now that was one of the fights of grimacedon most as watching and i had a request come through to talk about the importance of good defense to prevent brain damage and in particular the part i really want to focus on today is what could chris mattino have done to avoid taking so many punches to the head because no doubt that guy deserved the 75 000 bonus he got for a fight of the night he kept coming for it and coming forward but you can only do that for so many fights before you gonna end up having massive brain damage so today we gonna look in depth at the fight and talk about alterations that could have been made so chris could have stayed safer in the fight and hopefully made it all the way to the final bell Music all right guys this is one of the few instances where i find myself agreeing with dana white in that he said the fight should have been stopped in the second round i don know if it should have been stopped in