REACTION | A Message from the Gay Community (w/ Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer)


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Music we convert your children on july 1st 2021 the san francisco gay men choir published a video to youtube titled the message from the gay community six days later on july 7th the video was deleted why did the group delete the video well some people downloaded the video before it was deleted so we can watch it together and take a guess why the video was deleted you think we sinful you fight against our rights you say we all lead lives you can respect when we uphold the bible clear teaching that homosexuality is sin we do this because we love you enough to tell you the truth it would be the opposite of love to not warn people about the consequences of their sin but you just frightened you think that we corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked funny just this once you correct of course we know we correct that if your homosexual agenda goes unchecked the danger to christians and their children will be enormous because your agenda doesn allow for disagreement we wouldn be allowed to believe the bible and we wouldn be allowed to teach our children the bible so