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she told me if I ever called the cops I would leave in handcuffs I never felt more helpless in my life warning this content may be upsetting or disturbing to some audiences men who have left abusive relationships what your story I left the day I wanted to hit her back of course she denies that it was abuse what are you some kind of __ a little girl hitting makes you scared no the thought of all the BS i would go through scares me people generally have this misconception when they think of woman on man spouse abuse they imagined a woman overpowering a weak cowardly man and smirk at the idea the truth is most of the time the woman has a weapon of some kind or is an emotional abuser in my experience my partner wouldn walk up to me and try hit me she would grab a glass a plate an iron and throw it at me full force pinching was another thing as were insults putting me down in front of company belittling me further if I privately expressed how annoyed or upset I was at her doing such things why are you