How to Introduce Yourself to a Virtual Team [CONFIDENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY]


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Do you need to introduce yourself  at a virtual team meeting? Well,   knowing how to introduce yourself right may seem  trivial, but this self-introduction is actually   really important. And in this video, I'm going  to share with you five tips on how to give the   best self-introduction that you can give at  a virtual team meeting. And if you stay tuned   to the end of this video, I have something  to share with you that's going to for sure,   impress the people at your virtual team meeting. Hi, if you're new here, welcome, make sure   you subscribe to the best career and project  management advice coming to you every Wednesday.   So if you're as excited as I am about  introducing yourself at a virtual team meeting,   then like this video and let's get to it. No  handshake, no problem, your virtual introduction.  Okay. You are now the new kid on the block.  Perhaps this is a brand new job, or maybe it's   even your first job. Congratulations. You have  to do your introduction. I want to let you know   that it is really important that whatever  introduction you use, you should practice,   it really is going to help you to be succinct  with what it is that you're going to be saying   to individuals, because I promise your colleagues  are going to be very curious as to who you are,   what you're about and really what you bring to  the table.